This tiny air conditioning unit is surprisingly effective — and it keeps your electric bill down…

Meet the first personal AC unit that just may be the perfect transitional appliance. This tiny little unit packs quite a punch considering its diminutive size. And while I was quite skeptical about what a cube the size of a large jewelry box could really do, I was, in a word, impressed.

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This gadget uses just water and evaporative air cooler technology to turn hot, dry air in to a cooling, moist breeze of air that will keep you comfortable all day long. Simply fill with water, plug it into any wall socket or USB port and enjoy! From the bedside to the office, this cube helps to keep your personal space cooler when you are feeling hot.

It gives you the best features of both a fan and air conditioner in one compact, stylish and self-contained unit that’s also a night light. Regular fans just move warm air around, while air conditioning units are big and bulky, expensive to buy and run, make a lot of noise, and dry the air out! But this thing cools and humidifies the air by simply using water evaporation from a quiet, energy-efficient fan! Because the gadget just uses water there are no nasty ozone-destroying chemical coolants to worry about either. Now you can have the best of both worlds and get cooler, moist air without the expense and drawbacks of air conditioning.

This device uses a fan set within its sound-protective casing so the noise you hear is minimal, and with three settings you can have the perfect amount of cool, moist air with the least amount of noise.

The large capacity water reservoir, combined with the Hydro-Chill filter means that air cooler holds a lot of water, so you can rely on it to keep you cool for up to eight hours making a sticky night’s sleep, or an stuffy office much more bearable!

This gadget has a built-in soft-glow LED light to help you relax at night. You can either set the light to any of its 7 colour options, set to colour-cycle mode, or turn the light off with the touch of a button!

One of the really cool thing about the unit is that since it runs on 5V/1.5A and a microUSB port, you can power it using a portable battery pack. This makes it the idea portable cooling solution. 


  • Cools, humidifies and purifies the air
  • Evaporates water to keep you cool
  • Adjustable three-speed fan
  • Built-in colour changing LED night light
  • Runs up to 8 hours per fill
  • USB or mains powered
  • Ideal for personal cooling and space around you

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‘Up-Part’ Shoes are Meant to Be Sold as Highly Customizable Kits

University of Eindhoven student Lucille Nguyen developed two ‘Up-Part’ modular sneaker prototypes as a solution that approaches sneaker culture in a more customizable, sustainable manner.

The shoes wouldn’t be sold as shoes, but as kits designed to be crafted together. You start with the sole. On top, you add the upper itself, complete with tongue, secured through lacing or straps (depending on whether it’s a Converse-esque tennis shoe or something more akin to a Birkenstock sandal

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This smart helmet keeps skiers and snowboarders safer

The Snowtide ski and snowboard helmet comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth audio that not only allows the wearer to stream music and podcasts from their phone, but make and receive phone calls, too. But that isn’t the only method of communications that the helmet has to offer as the Snowtide also features a special push-t0-talk option that functions much like a walkie talkie with unlimited range.

Using a special app for iOS and Android, Snowtide owners can create and manage groups of friends and family who also use the smart helmet. Those users can then send voice messages to one another simply by pushing a single button on the helmet, which then relays that message to others no matter where they are in the world. That means you can ski with your posse even when you’re not on the same mountain.

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Iron Palm Hangboard for Climbers

Meet the So iLL Iron Palm Hangboard: a climb trainer with two pinches and various edges to help you push your body hard indoors. You can combine multiple boards to create your own custom campus wall.

The system comes with two pinches along with various edges that can be used for creating your own customized climbing wall for training whenever you desire. The customizable design allows users to create and change the setup to their exact specifications to ensure they don’t become bored after extended periods of using the system.

Save Money on Air Conditioning with This Personal Air Cooler

It’s better for the environment and it helps you save money.

While air conditioners can help you keep cool, they’re not typically eco-friendly, and you can’t exactly bring them with you. However, there’s a non-toxic and compact option to stay seriously cool this summer: This Personal Air Cooler.

Engineered to be ten times more efficient than other portable AC units, this device uses a natural evaporative effect to cool the air around you, covering a three to four meter radius. It can decrease the temperature in your space by nearly 65°F (18°C), while also humidifying and filtering dust particles to improve overall air quality.

Unlike typical AC units, it consumes just about ten watts of electricity and doesn’t use Freon-like liquids that harm the environment. Plus, it works via USB power supply, allowing you to use it everywhere you go. This portable AC unit is usually $199, but today you can get it with 50% discount.

The Kinetic Wi-Fi Router Encourages Prominent Placement

Kinetic Wi-Fi Router can check the Internet transmission status via antenna movement. I designed a new router as a kinetic art object where conventional routers can bring interior effect. This design makes it possible to intuitively check the transmission state by using a simple moving antenna and take action.

Existing routers have been recognized as devices that simply relay and transmit Internet signals. As a result, the router was installed mainly invisible, and the transmission status was bad. On the contrary, in order to improve the transmission state, we had to set up a router that emphasized only the function well in a well visible place. I thought about design that solves this problem and can also give a good interior effect.

Tappy launches biometric watch strap

Hong Kong based wearable payment technology company Tappy Technologies has launched a passive biometric enabled watch strap that offers payments, access & digital authentication functionalities.

Speaking on the product launch Wayne Leung, CEO of Tappy Technologies said, “At Tappy we continually challenge ourselves to offer the most secure, seamless & enjoyable wearable contactless payment experience to our customers. By introducing passive biometric payments through watch straps, we are raising the bar even higher as we enable second factor authentication in the most secure format.

The ultimate aim is to facilitate higher value transactions through all types of wearable devices. Highly sophisticated algorithms ensure that our unique biometric sensors perform flawlessly without the need of a battery. This is crucial especially for our watch brand partners as the design aesthetics of the watch remains uncompromised. Some of the biggest watch brands, card networks and banks are our trusted customers and we strongly believe that the future of wearable payments will be biometric.”

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Soon: planes with display screens projecting the sky

A French agency Technicon Design developed a project of windowless planes with large display screens projecting the sky.

Standard planes with windows are much more heavy, says chief designer at Technicon Design Gareth Davies. Besides windowless planes will be able to reduce fuel.

For now, though, the technology remains only in the reach of the super-rich, but with the world’s first commercial windowless plane already in the pipeline, it may be only a matter of time before the concept is adapted.


Hyundai to boost vehicle efficiency with semi-transparent panoramic solar roofs

The automotive world’s attention may be focused on the high-performance parts of the 2018 SEMA Show, but Hyundai is providing some details on a very different style of performance-enhancing component. Beginning around 2020, it will add solar roof panels to both electrified vehicles and gas models as a way of boosting efficiency. Its solar integration will evolve over time to include a semi-transparent, solar-harvesting sunroof and a solar roof and hood combo.

Hyundai Motor Group is participating in SEMA with the usual small army of high-performance components and concept cars, but it’s also capitalizing on the timing to focus on a more serious breed of component not on show in Vegas. Its soon-to-launch solar roofs will help improve efficiency and cut emissions on a select range of Hyundai and Kia vehicles. They will feature not only in the growing electric and hybrid lineup, but also in purely gas vehicles, directly charging batteries and cutting the workload on the internal combustion engine (ICE).

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This portable air conditioner can keep you cool

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Today we tackle that air you breathe in your home or office with a purification and personal cooling system.

This gadget is quite literally the coolest tech product we’ve tested. This personal air conditioner meets air purifier and humidifier produces incredible results for people of all ages.

This award-winning device built for those with allergies, asthma and anyone looking to keep cool is at its lowest-recorded price.

Forget those fans that just circulate the air – this thing produces purer and cleaner air to help you sleep, breathe and work better.

  • Cools, humidifies and purifies the air
  • Evaporates water to keep you cool
  • Adjustable three-speed fan
  • Built-in colour changing LED night light
  • Runs up to 8 hours per fill
  • USB or mains powered
  • Ideal for personal cooling and space around you

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