Autonomous Two-Passenger Drones

Companies are churning out a variety of drones with cameras or GoPro mounts so you can experience the liberating feeling of flight through a screen. Astro killed the camera idea and created a drone large enough to fit a couple of passengers so you can actually roam the skies.

Astro’s Elroy provides a fully autonomous flight for the modern age. It’s equipped with adaptive flight control, fiber optic internal communications, field-oriented motor control, and encrypted communication channels. You’re able to input your destinations quickly thanks to Glass Cockpit Avionics flight support, working with a secure 4G network so you can sit back and enjoy the views as the Elroy takes control. It also comes with a joystick for a fly-by-wire override. The Elroy is built with a full carbon body and 360° cabin glass for your viewing pleasure. The passenger drone has 17 rotors powered by an emission-free electric motor designed to run quietly while allowing the vehicle to travel at a top speed of 43 mph. You can reserve your passenger drone today.

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