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Pizza Machines Appeared in New York

CAULIPOWER, which makes naturally gluten-free cauliflower crust pizzas, recently launched the CAULIPOWER Claw Machine in New York City, giving everybody the chance to snag a fun prize after they play. Players have the chance to get their hands on mini pizza boxes with coupons, cauliflower stress balls and other great prizes from the machine set up for a limited time at NYC’s Turnstyle Underground Market.

Vending machines are no longer just for dispensing snacks and soda pop, with consumers now able to get everything from single-serve pouches of whisky to soft serve ice cream with the press of a button. While these kinds of machines emphasize on-the-go convenience, branded claw machines take this premise to the next level by offering a challenging yet rewarding experience.

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Cubie is a Panasonic Oven That is an Incredibly Nifty Kitchen Addition

Ever imagined you could have a cute little oven that would help you shine in the kitchen?

Now from Panasonic, comes the smart Cubie NU-SC100WMPQ oven that does it all – from healthy frying, steaming and roasting to baking and fermenting. This nifty little kitchen appliance makes it all look easy too.

Because it’s been designed to contain no heating element, 100% of its 15L space (it’s 351mm high, 355mm wide and 455m deep) can be maximised for use, so there’s more than enough space in there to accommodate 1 steamed fish, 24 stuffed buns, 1 pizza or a roast chicken.

Its large interior also features two tray levels which are adjustable, and allows you to cook two separate dishes at the same time. It comes with a child safety lock to prevent accidents in the kitchen, and has a two-stage pull-down door which makes observation simple.

Other plus points include it is easy to maintain and clean, comes with a large LCD screen, and has a deodorisation fuction (just press a key and voila! All the smells inside the oven cavity are gone!

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The Nutella Morning Slot Dispenses Nutella Toast Variations

For a limited time only, lovers of the chocolate spread can indulge in Nutella toast at the Grand Front Osaka mall in Japan. The exclusive activation is launched by parent company Ferrero and it takes quite an interesting format. The ‘Nutella Morning Slot’ is essentially a slot machine that randomizes and dispenses delicious chocolatey breakfasts. The mechanism offers 20 different Nutella toast variations and consumers can indulge in the temporary pop-up on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of November between the hours of 10 AM and 8 PM.

Anyone who engages with the breakfast-dispensing slot machine wins no matter what. Some of the Nutella toast offerings include toppings like coconut, pistachios, bananas and more.

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