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Hyundai to boost vehicle efficiency with semi-transparent panoramic solar roofs

The automotive world’s attention may be focused on the high-performance parts of the 2018 SEMA Show, but Hyundai is providing some details on a very different style of performance-enhancing component. Beginning around 2020, it will add solar roof panels to both electrified vehicles and gas models as a way of boosting efficiency. Its solar integration will evolve over time to include a semi-transparent, solar-harvesting sunroof and a solar roof and hood combo.

Hyundai Motor Group is participating in SEMA with the usual small army of high-performance components and concept cars, but it’s also capitalizing on the timing to focus on a more serious breed of component not on show in Vegas. Its soon-to-launch solar roofs will help improve efficiency and cut emissions on a select range of Hyundai and Kia vehicles. They will feature not only in the growing electric and hybrid lineup, but also in purely gas vehicles, directly charging batteries and cutting the workload on the internal combustion engine (ICE).

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Recycled Shipping Container Apartments

The Drivelines Studios building is a new residential building in Johannesburg, South Africa that is made entirely using a total of 140 up cycled shipping containers to offer cozy dwellings for many inhabitants.

The building was designed by New York and Italy-based design studio LOT/EK for the Propertuity company, and features a total square footage of 75,000. The building offers ample and affordable rental options for inhabitants of the city or those spending extended periods in the area.

The Drivelines Studios residential building community features separate studio apartments that are between 40 and 60-square meters each that is achieved with six containers per unit. Each of the dwellings have a private outdoor space that enhances the sense of community.

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The Nikola Tre Runs on Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Batteries

Nikola is a startup that believes the future of trucking is electric, by way of hydrogen. Its latest vehicle, while still years away from actual production, takes that US-centric plan and modifies it for Europe.

Nikola has unveiled the Tre, which means “three” in Norwegian. It’s the company’s first hydrogen-electric truck for the European market. The US and Europe have different trucking regulations, so a completely different model was required to meet all those unique standards.

That said, the Nikola Tre still has the powertrain in common with its American sibling. Running on 800-volt batteries, it relies on a hydrogen fuel cell to take compressed hydrogen gas and convert it to electricity, creating potable water as its sole byproduct. It’ll be offered in both 6×4 and 6×2 configurations, with between 500 and 1,000 horsepower. Depending on the options chosen, the Tre’s range is estimated between 310 and 745 miles.

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AUW creates woolly walled pavilion in rural Hungary

The Wool House pavilion – which features a timber base, tin roof, and fleece-clad facade – was built by Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (AUW) for architectural festival Hello Wood that takes place every year near Hungary’s Lake Balaton.

Having taken an interest in spaces designed for single person use, the Budapest-based architects decided to create a structure where individual festival-goers could temporarily retreat from the noise and crowds.

“We understand this space as a kind of outhouse, where we get rid of our mental excesses,” explained the studio in a statement.

Inside the 2.5 square-metre pavilion is a timber stool that directly faces a wool mat on the floor, so that the visitor can choose to sit or lay down.

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Specialized Fishing Watercrafts

Sea-Doo Fish Pro has just been launched and it was specifically designed to fish at pro level.

This watercraft made by the world famous BRP Group is more spacious, so it may carry up to three quite comfortably, it’s also a bit wider than other leisure models, thus more stable too and it hauls a specially designed cooler at the back to keep your loot fresh while you’re still fishing, with a capacity of 13.5 gal (51L), quite enough for a catch.

Engine wise you get 62hp and a trolling mode easily managing slow speeds and a number of special features that make it all the more handy for fishers such as multiple attachment points, innovative rod holders, an angled footrest to enhance comfort and stability plus the possibility to customize it to best fit your needs, should you need a GPS to assist you in finding the fish and to get you on the right course, a water tight phone box is also available and more.

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