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This smart helmet keeps skiers and snowboarders safer

The Snowtide ski and snowboard helmet comes equipped with built-in Bluetooth audio that not only allows the wearer to stream music and podcasts from their phone, but make and receive phone calls, too. But that isn’t the only method of communications that the helmet has to offer as the Snowtide also features a special push-t0-talk option that functions much like a walkie talkie with unlimited range.

Using a special app for iOS and Android, Snowtide owners can create and manage groups of friends and family who also use the smart helmet. Those users can then send voice messages to one another simply by pushing a single button on the helmet, which then relays that message to others no matter where they are in the world. That means you can ski with your posse even when you’re not on the same mountain.

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Iron Palm Hangboard for Climbers

Meet the So iLL Iron Palm Hangboard: a climb trainer with two pinches and various edges to help you push your body hard indoors. You can combine multiple boards to create your own custom campus wall.

The system comes with two pinches along with various edges that can be used for creating your own customized climbing wall for training whenever you desire. The customizable design allows users to create and change the setup to their exact specifications to ensure they don’t become bored after extended periods of using the system.

Nike Gives the Air Max Plus a Blood-Stain Gradient Makeover

Although Halloween might be over, Nike is still looking to drop a new blood-stain gradient take on its popular Air Max Plus colorway.

The Nike Air Max Plus “Faded Coloring” features an off white colored mesh base dressed with a touch of faded red and accented by a transparent cage, white leather mudguard and TPU toe cap. The gradient look of the upper is continued on the torsion plate attached to the Air-assisted white midsole, which is then paired with a contrasting black rubber outsole. As usual, branding on the shoe comes in the form of Swooshes on the midfoot and tongue, along with Tuned Air badges on the heel and torsion plate.

No official release notes just yet, but stay tuned for more details when they become available.

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Yaasa Infinity Blanket with Celliant Tech

A blanket with special (FDA-determined special) Celliant fibers that give it the ability to increase blood flow, aid in recovery, and get more restful sleep just by wrapping up all Neflix & chill cozy on the couch in it?

Celliant fibers are able to absorb and recycle your body’s natural heat into infrared light, which they then bounce back into your tissues to provide the health benefits outlined above.

Infinity Blankets are also made green, with both eco-friendly materials and practices. Up to 12 plastic water bottles are recycled to drive the production of each blanket.

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Specialized Fishing Watercrafts

Sea-Doo Fish Pro has just been launched and it was specifically designed to fish at pro level.

This watercraft made by the world famous BRP Group is more spacious, so it may carry up to three quite comfortably, it’s also a bit wider than other leisure models, thus more stable too and it hauls a specially designed cooler at the back to keep your loot fresh while you’re still fishing, with a capacity of 13.5 gal (51L), quite enough for a catch.

Engine wise you get 62hp and a trolling mode easily managing slow speeds and a number of special features that make it all the more handy for fishers such as multiple attachment points, innovative rod holders, an angled footrest to enhance comfort and stability plus the possibility to customize it to best fit your needs, should you need a GPS to assist you in finding the fish and to get you on the right course, a water tight phone box is also available and more.

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