Save Money on Air Conditioning with This Personal Air Cooler

It’s better for the environment and it helps you save money.

While air conditioners can help you keep cool, they’re not typically eco-friendly, and you can’t exactly bring them with you. However, there’s a non-toxic and compact option to stay seriously cool this summer: This Personal Air Cooler.

Engineered to be ten times more efficient than other portable AC units, this device uses a natural evaporative effect to cool the air around you, covering a three to four meter radius. It can decrease the temperature in your space by nearly 65°F (18°C), while also humidifying and filtering dust particles to improve overall air quality.

Unlike typical AC units, it consumes just about ten watts of electricity and doesn’t use Freon-like liquids that harm the environment. Plus, it works via USB power supply, allowing you to use it everywhere you go. This portable AC unit is usually $199, but today you can get it with 50% discount.